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Season One Available Now

Hosted by Australia's greatest survivor Stuart Diver and from the Gold Walkley award winning audio producer of The Teacher’s Pet, this is The Elements, a new podcast that goes right into the heart of surviving a natural disaster. 

Available through Apple, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Join Thredbo Landslide sole survivor Stuart Diver as he takes us on an emotional journey through some of Australia’s most devastating natural disasters with those who were there, regular people just like him who courageously fought against the power of the natural world and lived to tell the tale. From Cyclone Tracy to Newcastle Earthquake, Black Summer to the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Disaster, Stuart Diver is on a mission to discover what it truly means to be a survivor, not only in the throes of a disaster but how to build resilience and live through tragedy once the storm has passed.

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